31. august 2015.

The Quick Milk song

The Quick Milk song

This is a lovely story about two friends who go trough a real adventure  to find the treasure box with full of Quick Milk Magic Treats.

They know that sharing is caring so they share the treasures with their friends and they all have a big celebration in the end, with their new pirate friend. Watch the video to see how they find the treasure and how much they all enjoyed the tasty magical treats.

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24. august 2017.

Brexit Ballet has been published by Budapest Business Journal

Brexit Ballet has been published by Budapest Business Journal.
We're very proud of it. :) Thank you!

21. july 2017.

Brexit Ballet reached 580000 views on YouTube

Today is another beautiful day. Joseph's child, Brexit Ballet has reached 580.000 views on YouTube.

12. july 2017.

The Budapest Zeitung devoted two pages to Brexit Ballet

Joseph Felfoldi was invited to meet the Budapest Zeitung Newspaper for an interview to talk about the idea behind the Brexit Ballett song and explain what has driven him to write this song.