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21. march 2018. The story behind the Momma

Love and tragedy: New music video by Joseph Felföldi tells wartime story of mother’s first love. ...

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27. february 2018. Momma

Joseph Felfoldi, Hungarian entrepreneur and music producer, is thrilled to announce the release of his new single and accompanying video “Mom...

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11. september 2018.

Felfoldi Music – Szép Magyarország | Beautiful Hungary | Hungarian Folk Music

Hungarian culture would be unimaginable without its rich repertoire of folk songs and without the unity of its people. 

10. august 2018.

Joseph Felfoldi - Awakening | Israel at 70

Joseph Felfoldi celebrates Israel's 70th Anniversary. Seventy years ago, the Jews achieved one of the most remarkable and inspiring accomplishments in human history, creating a modern Jewish state in their historical homeland the Land of Israel.

01. august 2018.

Joseph Felfoldi - Inconvenient Truth | Environmental Protection and Awareness song

Isn’t it ironic that the supposedly most intelligent creature of God slowly destroys the Earth? Stop for a second, think again and make sure your children will have a place to live too.