“Love is my weapon, music is my religion, peace is in my soul.”

Welcome to Felfoldi Music

Owner of Felfoldi Music, Joseph Felfoldi is a Hungarian businessman and founder of a candy company which exports across Europe and the world. He also writes
and produces songs and poetry. He lost one of his eyes in an accident when he was 14 years old. He got over the accident soon. At this time, he got his first guitar from his elder sister. His affinity and commitment to music, literature and arts has accompanied his every waking moment since.


Let the music speak!

Mr. Felfoldi still actively composes music and writes verses, operates a talent development foundation and due to his social sensitivity, he supports those in need with continuous donations.

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Joseph has released his new video - “Momma”

Joseph Felfoldi is thrilled to announce the release of his new single and accompanying video “Momma”.

In good time for Mother’s Day, this song provides a touching reminder that mothers – and great-grandmothers – were all once young and carefree, perhaps falling in love for the first time, long before the duties and concerns of mothering occupied their days. The particular love story told here is especially poignant because the young man who captured Joseph’s mother’s heart, would sadly, never return from the war. 

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"It’s saying, or trying to say, that when the things you love exist only inside your memory, they cannot be destroyed or taken from you."

Press room - Don’t miss a thing

30. june 2018.

Felfoldi Music - Freedom

Living in a treadwheel washes you out and YOU’re the only one who can step out of it.

29. june 2018.

Felfoldi Music - I loved you

Every relationship is a roller coaster with either lower or higher swings. 

10. may 2018.

Joseph released his new video - Limlom

We are human – we form opinions, we label and we judge. But you can only fully know a story if you know every aspect of it.