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24. august 2017. Brexit Ballet has been published by Budapest Business Journal

Brexit Ballet has been published by Budapest Business Journal. We're very proud of it. :) Thank you! ...

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21. july 2017. Brexit Ballet reached 580000 views on YouTube

Today is another beautiful day. Joseph's child, Brexit Ballet has reached 580.000 views on YouTube. ...

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12. july 2017. The Budapest Zeitung devoted two pages to Brexit Ballet

Joseph Felfoldi was invited to meet the Budapest Zeitung Newspaper for an interview to talk about the idea behind the Brexit Ballett song and expla...

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10. june 2017. Felfoldi Music released the Real Breaxit Ballet

What do Europeans think about Brexit? Hungarian Businessman and  film/music producer Joseph Felfoldi has expressed some of the mixed feelings ...

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30. march 2015. Hundred Year Hope Peace Song to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision 2015

Felfoldi Music got a fan letter from an Ukrainian girl who is asking if Singer Kristina Chubrikova could represent Ukraine with their new anti-war ...

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02. january 2013. Unknown 17 years old boy is entered into the Eurovision Song Contest

Following in the footsteps of Rúzsa Magdi, Wolf Kati and a Compact Disco, Roland wants to go along the path of success. We know few things a...

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Press room - Don’t miss a thing

11. september 2018.

Felfoldi Music – Szép Magyarország | Beautiful Hungary | Hungarian Folk Music

Hungarian culture would be unimaginable without its rich repertoire of folk songs and without the unity of its people. 

10. august 2018.

Joseph Felfoldi - Awakening | Israel at 70

Joseph Felfoldi celebrates Israel's 70th Anniversary. Seventy years ago, the Jews achieved one of the most remarkable and inspiring accomplishments in human history, creating a modern Jewish state in their historical homeland the Land of Israel.

01. august 2018.

Joseph Felfoldi - Inconvenient Truth | Environmental Protection and Awareness song

Isn’t it ironic that the supposedly most intelligent creature of God slowly destroys the Earth? Stop for a second, think again and make sure your children will have a place to live too.