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21. march 2018. The story behind the Momma

Love and tragedy: New music video by Joseph Felföldi tells wartime story of mother’s first love. ...

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17. march 2014. Joseph Felfoldi is going to Royal Albert Hall in London

Joseph Felfoldi is going to one of the world's most famous concert hall in London, called Royal Albert Hall.  The wealthy Hungarian busine...

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23. december 2013. Felfoldi tell us his business struggles with the help of music

Billioner, sweet factory owner businessman from Debrecen, Hungary is writing a Rock Opera about his legal failures – The Bors has been repeat...

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Press room - Don’t miss a thing

30. june 2018.

Felfoldi Music - Freedom

Living in a treadwheel washes you out and YOU’re the only one who can step out of it.

29. june 2018.

Felfoldi Music - I loved you

Every relationship is a roller coaster with either lower or higher swings. 

10. may 2018.

Joseph released his new video - Limlom

We are human – we form opinions, we label and we judge. But you can only fully know a story if you know every aspect of it.