17. march 2014.

Joseph Felfoldi is going to Royal Albert Hall in London

Joseph Felfoldi is going to Royal Albert Hall in London

Joseph Felfoldi is going to one of the world's most famous concert hall in London, called Royal Albert Hall.  The wealthy Hungarian businessman wants to make a big “blast” with his symphonic composition.

The public have known him so far from he has produced billions worth of sweets and he have won a trademark lawsuits all around the world. But just few people know that he wrote a rock opera, he has his own songs and now he wants to create a composition for violin.

–I have written a song what we can not put in any music frame. It’s a bit symphonic but mixed with todays days electric music and effect – told Felfoldi. It’s a theatrical composition involving artist, musicians, chorus and it has special effect on stage.

Name of the composition is Desert Girl,  about an Arabic girl who is pitching her chador and fulfill her desire to be free free in her life.

– I dare to dream big: now I am working that my composition will be played by world classic musicians in London Royal Albert Hall – Felfoldi told us , who has previously worked with such stars from the world like the New York series CSI and Rod Stewart's music’s producer, Johnny Elkins.


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