Felföldi József

singer - songwriter - producer

Felföldi Jzsef

Joseph Felföldi is a Hungarian singer-songwriter-producer. Working in collaboration with session musicians and other writers, Joseph’s output is as prodigious as it is eclectic: Joseph has recorded over 500 songs across the spectrum of styles from rock to reggae, disco to dubstep. If there is a unifying principle in his work, it is that music is empowering. A self-made businessman, Joseph has maintained a love for music as much as music has maintained his love for life through good times and bad. Writing in both English and Hungarian, Joseph aims to share his positive message with as wide an audience as possible.


Felföldi Roland

singer - songwriter

Felföldi Roland

Roland Felföldi is the younger face of Felföldi music, bringing his own style and outlook to the songwriting and performance. Roland’s musical tastes include electro-house and contemporary-pop. Roland has experimented with different elements of composition and performance both in the studio and on the stage, performing live and in front of the camera for the singles ’Tears in your Eyes’ and ’ItsyBitsyBoom’. Like his father, Roland is also busy (he is taking his high school final exams this year) but finds time to make his own music. ’’Without music life is boring!’’