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Kristina Chubrikova Hundred Year Hope

- How old are you?
- 17

-Where do you study?
- I am a graduate student at Bertalan Szemere High School. I have been studying singing at Laszlo Lajtha Music School with Artistess Lidia Zalay for 3 years. I still sing in the Children’s choir of the Opera House, where I learnt everything from Gyöngyvér Gupcsó and I still use that knowledge today.

- In which clip can we see you?
- I was lucky enough to contribute to The Hundred Year Hope song music video.

- What does this song mean to you?
- For me, this song is about hope. You can not change the world alone, but together we can make it happen. I hope it will reach a lot of people as it has a very important message.

- What was it like to work with the Felfoldi Music team?
- I felt fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it.

- How long have you been singing?
- I was already attracted to this world in kindergarten. I was in 4th grade when I joined the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian State Opera House, I realized then that my dream might not be impossible.

- Have you always wanted to be a singer?
- I have been dreaming about this since my childhood, but I never really thought it could happen to me.

- Any secret recipe for singing?
- There is no secret recipe. I try to give what I feel. I know there are people who believe in me today and also, when I was five giving concerts of children’s song in the living room. I would like to prove because of them.

- Who is your favorite singer?
- I do not have any. I respect every singer because I know how much work they put into singing and I like listening to all kinds of music.

- What is the last song you have listened to?
- Bogee: Wars For Nothing, which will represent Hungary in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

- What is your biggest success?
- There were many moments I recall as successful as it is worth standing on stage with shaky legs for each shining eye. I was very proud to sing at the 2013 Prima Primissima Awards with the Children’s Choir and with the Dombóvár Youth Wind Orchestra in Dombóvár, also to perform at charitable events with the choir and the choral students.

- What is your Horoscope? Libra

- What is your hobby? My hobby has always been singing. I danced a lot when I was smaller, but I never felt attracted to it as much as to singing, so I quit early.

​Interviewer: Anita Felföldi

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