Hundred Year Hope Peace Song to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision 2015

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Hundred Year Hope /A Hundred Year Hope képviselhetné Ukrajnát a 2015ös Eurovizios Dalfesztiválon?

Felföldi Music got a fan letter from an Ukrainian girl who is asking if Singer Kristina Chubrikova could represent Ukraine with their new anti-war song, Hundred Year Hope at the Eurovision 2015.
'We are happy to win the heart of the Ukrainian people and would certainly feel obliged to represent our song at this year's Eurovision, why not? We created this song to become a kind of Peace Movement to get the attention of the world on crisis and ACT upon it to reach peace. '-Joseph Felfoldi from Felfoldi Music.
Original letter:
“Шановний Фелфолді Мьюзик,
Мені дуже сподобалася пісня "Hundred Year Hope" Чубрікової Христини. Було б добре, щоб ця пісня представляла мою країну на Євробаченні. Я знаю, що Україна не приймає участь у конкурсі, але я вірю в силу цієї пісні.
Дякую, і бажаю успіху
Translated in English:
“Dear Felfoldi Music,
I really love your Hundred Year Hope Song and I want to ask if Kristina Chubrikova could represent my country at the Eurovision 2015. Ukraine is not in the contest unfortunately, but I truly believe this is OUR PEACE SONG!!
Thank you. Wish you success & peace,

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