Felfoldi tell us his business struggles with the help of music

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Felfoldi tell us his business struggles with the help of music

Billioner, sweet factory owner businessman from Debrecen, Hungary is writing a Rock Opera about his legal failures – The Bors has been repeatedly reported regarding his fightings.
- I am writing a rock opera about the business world, unfair fights.- My hell also will be in this philosophical composition – told Joseph Felfoldi, but he did not want to say more about his project. But he confirmed that he is going to sing song.
Felfoldi is not just a simple musician. He has already been working with the Hollywood lyrics writer and composer, Johnny Elkins. Who is Elkins? Well, he is a real superstar in his profession, is more known for television series, such as the New York crime scene but also a worked with large cannons like Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, the Backstreet Boys and N 'Sync
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